Friday, February 26, 2010

Ah, it's been a long 2 days.

My sweet little guy is sick. I believe he has a cold, but it also could be an infection from one of the tests he had done the other day. Sooo we're running to the doctor here soon. A couple of days ago, we had to go to Stanford University's children's hospital for some tests and to see a urologist. Little Man has slightly enlarged kidneys, so his pediatrician referred him there. All of his tests came back normal, and the urologist said he has very mild hydronephrosis. He expects it to go away on it's own soon, and we have to go back up there for a follow up in June. So his kidneys are pretty much out of the way.. now if he'd just get over that dang cold (or infection/whatever).

I had some pictures printed the other day. They turned out very nicely. I wanted to share a few of Jonah. He's such a happy, sweet baby. I can't wait 'til he's all better again!

Now I'm off! Off to the doctor.. and off to put together some things for a nice blog candy to giveaway! I need some followers.. and giveaways appear to be a good way to get some! Happy scrapping! =)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snobby Walrus.

I like that name. You know what I like even better than that name? The RAK they're giving away on their blog! Check it out!

Snobby Walrus RAK

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whoa.. this is new.

Soo I've finally decided to become part of the blogging masses. I'm really not sure where to begin, honestly. Blogging is new to me.. well, unless you count the blog on myspace, which was once subject to my many rants. I don't plan on ranting much here, by the way. Anywho, this blog will be for my scrapping addiction. I want to be able to share my love for paper, adhesive, and black cardstock with the world (and my pages and other various dabbles)! If anyone has any tips for this whole blogging thing, shoot! I need all the help I can get.

This is the newest layout I've done. It was for a challenge on Scrapbook Challenges to only use cardstock, printed paper, and letters. That's pretty easy for me since I'm head over heels in love with Sassafras papers. Sassafras papers are perfect for simple layouts like that.. their bright colors are all you need!

Welp, I hope everyone has a splendid week! Happy Scrapping!

(PS.. I feel weird writing this knowing that no one even knows this blog exsists yet.. haha)