Friday, June 4, 2010

New Momenta projects

I've been busy lately.. sorry that I haven't blogged in a bit. We spent some awesome quality family time over Memorial Day weekend. It was great! =) We actually spent the day Monday in Santa Cruz at the boardwalk. Lots of fun to be had up there! And I can't believe how different the weather was there than here. It was like summer finally! It was nice!

Anyways, I have done a few Momenta projects lately.

Here's a take-out box using the Endless Summer pad. Oh and those crinkled black alphas.. those are Momenta too! I love them!!

This one uses the Family Ties pad and earth tones cardstock! Oh my! I absolutely love the family ties pad! I definitely recommend it!! The paper is beautiful!! Nice simple patterns.

And lastly, I have this one. It also uses the Family Ties pad. And I also did this layout for Scrap For Therapy. I did a tutorial on how to weave using embroidery floss. Head over there and check it out!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Tracy said...

Nice layouts. I love your take out box!

Unknown said...

I really love your layout ( Our Last Kiss ). It's so beautiful. And I love the meaning behind it. :D

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