Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calling all creative thinkers!!

Sooo that most likely applies to all of my followers! haha! Anyways, Jonah's first birthday is coming up in July. I've been putting off planning for it because I'm in denial. I can't believe my baby boy is growing up!

I've decided on a theme: Whales. A Whale of a Birthday... eh? Ok, so I need to practice my catchy title, but either way.. whales. His name is Jonah.. he needs whales. The only problem with coming to this conclusion is that I can't find whale party supplies anywhere. Good thing I'm crafty, I suppose.

That's where y'all come in!! Anyone have any ideas for a whale first birthday party? Any cake decorators out there that have tips for me??! The only experience I have with cakes is making them taste good (I can make a mean semi-homemade chocolate covered cherry cake.. yeahhhhh), but the frosting is a no-go. LOL I'm horrible at that. I wanna try fondant though. Any tips!


Thanks girls!


Unknown said...

You can make a cake that looks like water and add a plastic whale to the top. The toy store should have one.

Unknown said...

No help fro me but maybe here you will find something:

Tracy said...

Its not even June and you are planning for a July birthday already. Wow you are on the ball girl.

Unknown said...

ummm I dont have any good ideals. I went small for the first bday. I can say renting on of those jump houses for the 2nd is a HUGE HIT.