Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paint technique up at Scrap That Baby

Today was my day to put together a technique post for Scrap That Baby. I, of course, decided to use paint. I'm not going to pass up any opportunity to get paint on my hands!! It seems to me that a lot of people stay away from paint for some reason or another. I just want to encourage you all to bust out some paint! It doesn't have to be the expensive kind or anything.. I use the cheap acrylic paint that you can get for like $1 or $2. And they have so many colors, you can't go wrong! And I also recommend puffy paints too.. you can get those for cheap as well!

Anyways, the topic of my post is using paint to add texture and interest to your mini albums. Of course you can use these techniques in everyday scrapbooking too. Head on over to Scrap That Baby to see my tips!

Here's my mini album (visit Scrap That Baby for the bigger pictures of the techniques):

Two awesome things I must say about this mini album. 1--I used all scraps!! 2-- I took all of the pictures in it!! I know it's a simple mini album, but that was the point. I wanted the emphasis to be on the paint.

Don't forget to check out my post at Scrap That Baby!!


Kalena and Justin said...

Dani I looked all over the site and couldnt find it any idea were it might be I so want these tips your mini album turned out super cute!!!

Jackie said...

Fabulous mini! You photography skills are great! I wish I had better skills when my kiddos were little.

Unknown said...

Dani, what a fabulous album and great tutorial. Can't wait to try this texture builder!

bombamagagna said...

ho visto questa tecnica di pittura di queste pagine da qualche parte e l'ho salvata nella cartella "da copiare" :p
fantastica!! ;D

I have seen this painting technique of these pages from some part and I have saved it in the folder "to copy" :p
fantastic! ;D