Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Scrapbook Expo experience.

Well first off, I decided that it was a good idea to take Daniel's backpack to carry my supplies. BAD idea... sooooo bad. LOL! My back is still sore. But hey, I may have lost a pound or 2 just from carrying that thing around!

Anyways, as I said before, I took 2 workshops. The first, GCD Studios Top Techniques for 2010, was pretty much a waste of time. It was pretty slow and I didn't learn anything new, which wasn't the teacher's fault though. The techniques they did were paper tearing, a little pocket mini album (that we didn't have time to finish, so they are supposed to send us instructions... still waiting), a paper flower, paper weaving, and a ribbon technique. The kit was good though and I won a few sheets of paper and some alphas, so I'm happy. The second class, SEI's Everything About This Class POPS, was pretty good! I'm sad that we didn't get a chance to get to the little album in the box that is pictured in the description, but we got very detailed, photo instructions for it. The teacher was awesome and made the class enjoyable. And we learned some good tips for cards.. which I desperately need because I'm HORRIBLE at cards. AND the kit was very generous and equally awesome! Not to mention, I won an album kit in the class!! Overall, the workshop experience was nice, but next time I will choose more carefully. I definitely recommend SEI classes though. =)

The show floor was awesome too! It was almost scrapbooking overload for me! I enjoyed quite a few make and takes, especially the one at the Tattered Angels booth. I was actually inspired and have decided that I'm going to give the whole 'vintagey' thing a try! Anyways, I spent way too much money, naturally, but I also have gotten that little kick that I was looking for to start scrapping again!! =)

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awww sorry the tech class wasnt good