Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer has arrived... briefly

Oh gosh y'all.. the high today is supposed to be 86!! A whole 86 whopping degrees?!!! Yes please! Hahaha.. I know that that's not REALLY hot, but considering that the highest temperature before the past 2 days was only about 72, I'd say it's worth blogging about! Too bad it's only brief and will be back down to a high of 59 on Saturday. Talk about depressing.

So since it's been so nice out, I haven't done any scrapping for the past few days. I have taken plenty of pictures for scrapping though! I'll share just one of my little man enjoying his water table!

Well I hope y'all are enjoying your week so far! Don't forget about the DT Call at Scrap For Therapy!


Unknown said...

59 but I thought you guys were in Cali?

Shannon said...

Im incredibly jealous. I'd kill for 86ยบ. We're barely getting below that for our low at night. Hope you enjoyed the nice weather!