Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why do we eat so much Chinese food??

Well, it's because those darn boxes are just way too cute! I've been "collecting" all of the boxes that our rice comes in (the others are too messy to clean.. ew). My collection has gotten a little out of control. Borderline obsessive really. They've been sitting for a while too. I kept telling my husband I would do something with them, but then just never did. I don't think he thinks that I need to be collecting any more Chinese boxes. Well... I finally altered one to prove that I'm going to something with them!
I think it's the perfect gift box for a thank you gift! Maybe a little gift card or something. Perfect. And the good news is... my husband also liked it. So I suppose I can keep collecting these adorable little boxes.

I think I may post a tutorial on this soon. It was super easy to make.. and I need to do something with those dang boxes!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!


scrappygal said...
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scrappygal said...

Wow great project!!! Love the idea. Thanks for playing along at Scrap it forward!


Unknown said...

Great Box! I love it!!!