Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 2: When the Music Stops.

We now live in the world of MP3s and satellite radio (unless I find myself behind the times yet again). Yet here I am left with all of these CDs laying around that I have nothing to do with anymore. All of my music is on my iPod and my iPod works in my car, so I have no use for them. And not only that, I have CDs that I had in Jr. High that have definitely seen better days. They don't even play anymore!

Even if you don't have CDs around the house anymore, maybe you've got an old free font disc like the ones you get for free when you buy scrap magazines sometimes. Or those free internet trial discs? Either way, there's plenty of things you can do with old discs and their cases!

Here's an altered CD.

These can be used for plenty of things! Gift tags, ornaments, gifts, etc. I've even thought of using them at Christmas as gift tags, and instead of putting the name, just put the picture of the person it is to. That's a fabulous idea for kids that can't read yet... and the best part is that they can keep the gift tag as an ornament for their tree. See, 2 gifts in 1!

I've also got a new way to display your cute little photos in your scraproom!

I know that it's not the "nicest" looking "picture frame", but it makes the perfect addition to my scraproom. I order wallet sized pictures a lot, and they always come in sets of 2 of the same picture. Since I use one on a layout, I always have one left over. This is the perfect way for me to display that left over picture!

To do this yourself, trace around the "booklet" or the track list sheet on to patterned paper. Cut it out and decorate. Remember not to get too bulky on the PP itself. If you want to add bulk, I suggest adding it to the outside. I also think that adding some rub-ons to the outside would be a nice touch!

Anyways, don't forget about my giveaway!! You have until Friday night to enter.. I'm drawing on Saturday!!


anazelia said...

ok those are amazing. wow.

Renee said...

FABULOUS idea for those old C.D's!! I've also heard people say they use their C.D cases for acrylic stamps, so there's an extra idea!!

Dani said...

You're right Renee! That is a good idea! I never thought of that. =)