Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 4: Use what you've got.

Wow.. I can't believe it's Day 4 already!! And today is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day! I'm going to show you a few layouts using things that I've found around the house and/or recycled from somewhere.

The ribbon (the striped one) came from the diaper cake from my baby shower. There's always ribbon from SOMEWHERE in my ribbon drawers. I've got ribbon from Christmas gifts, flowers, my baby shower... you get the idea. I love when I get gifts with ribbon.. it's almost like 2 presents in 1 because I know that I can always use it on my pages or altered items.

I'm not even going to lie. The fabric on this is from a pair of Daniel's boxers.. hahaha! The other day we were just sitting on the couch eating breakfast and watching cartoons. I heard a big rip, and looked over and he was ripping off his boxers. I was like "What in the world are you doing??!!!" thinking he's crazy and all. Anyways, I guess they were already ripped, and he just liked the whole surprise effect. He ended up ripping a pretty even rectangle piece by accident, and since they were my favorite pair of boxers, I asked for it. And here's my creation with it... =)

And finally some cardboard. This came from a package I got in the mail the other day. I'm not really feeling this layout very much, but I do like the cardboard. And it uses paper from the giveaway paper pad: the houndstooth and the birds and butterflies. And as you can tell, I'm still loving those mini alphas from the giveaway too.

Welp, y'all have today and tomorrow to enter into the giveaway! You can find all of the details HERE.


sujo said...

Happy Earth Day! I was in college at LSU on the original Earth Day. All of us "old guys" are so happy that people are still recycling and reusing, as each day it becomes more important. Your ideas are terrific! I've become a follower of your blog.

Jackie said...

Such a fun story :) Great work, The pink one is too cute, pic and all.

Tanya said...

Great layouts!! I love your boxer story...that's soooo funny!