Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's in a name?

That's the new prompt up at Scrap That Baby. When I saw this prompt, I squealed with excitement!! I've been meaning to make a mini album listing all of the little nicknames that we call Jonah, I just hadn't had the motivation/inspiration. As soon as I saw the prompt, I knew it'd be perfect!!!

All of the inside pages are based on the same simple design, so I won't bore you will all of them but here's one.

The other nicknames I included were Bone, Bean, Babysaurus, and Big'un. Looks like we may like B's a little. Butttt I can't believe I forgot the one that we use most often, Mr. Baby/Mr. Baby Sir. So I suppose that one will have to have it's own 12x12 page soon.

Everyone on the DT rocked this prompt! Head on over there and check out the inspiration... and join in the challenge!!

In other news, I'd like to hint that on Sunday I'm going to post something exciting!! =) I can't wait! For now, I'm busy preparing for it though.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!!


Jackie said...

Dani this is Great! Love that Sass! We are the family of nicknames, glad to see someones else has as many as we do:)

Audra said...

super cute mini album!! love it!! and your little guy is ADORABLE!! :)